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The Chaffey District Board of Trustees has a prestigious, long running reputation for being a cohesive, dedicated Board and is committed to student learning and achievement.

The Board establishes policy, adopts an annual budget, approves building plans, and hears student expulsion or transfer appeals.

Announcements of date, time, and place of all regular and special meetings of the Board of Trustees indicating the major topics to be discussed thereat shall be made in advance.

Notice of regular meetings shall be posted where parents, students and employees may view it at least 72 hours in advance (24 hours in advance for special meetings).

Community Members are invited and encouraged to attend meetings of the Board of Trustees.

If you need to contact any Board Member, please contact the Superintendent's Administrative Assistant, Joey Collisson, at 909-988-8511 ext. 2501.



Beginning with the November 2018 Election, the Board will be transitioning to by-trustee areas:
November 2020 - Trustee Areas 1, 5
November 2022 - Trustee Areas 2, 3, 4