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Rory Nevins, Director

Rory Nevins
The District Maintenance Department is responsible for repairing and maintaining approximately 2.3 million square feet of classrooms and buildings, 120 acres of turf and 12 swimming pools. Our goal is to provide a safe environment and excellent service to all of our students and staff throughout the District.


Please contact the Maintenance office if you need assistance or further information.

Maintenance Office
Phone: 909-460-5641
Fax: 909-986-3034


Rory Nevins
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2530
Email: [email protected]


Mithra Stafford

Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2531
Email: [email protected]


Trades Supervisor
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2537



Monica Juarez
Clerical Specialist
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2532
Email: [email protected]