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Christopher Hollister, Assistant Superintendent

Chris Hollister

What is more important for a high school district than helping students to be successful in high school? We believe that education is the key to our students’ future success and we exist to prepare all of our students to graduate ready for college and careers. We ask a great deal of our students during their high school career, and my role, simply, is to help them learn and achieve to the greatest extent possible in order to prepare them to take advantage of future opportunities. The office of Achievement at the District, and at all of our comprehensive high school sites, is responsible for providing supports, interventions, and programs to facilitate maximum student achievement, so that upon their graduation, they will be ready to take the next steps towards achieving their lifelong and evolving goals. These interventions include outreach and tutorial programs as well as special education services, and classes before and after school, including Saturday School and Summer School. We recognize that students may take different paths on their journey towards success, and we provide alternative educational opportunities, such as the Alternative Studies Program, the GED Renew Program, Community Day School, Chaffey District Online High School, Valley View High School, and the Chaffey Adult School to meet each student’s individual needs.

Chris Hollister, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent, Alternative Instruction
Phone: (909) 988-8511 Ext. 2818


Elizabeth Magallanes
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (909) 988-8511 Ext. 2819