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Jessica Kachaenchai, Assistant Superintendent

Jessica Kachaenchai

The Instructional Services Division is committed to ensuring that CJUHSD’s vision of college and career readiness is a reality for all students. For this to be a reality, it is imperative that the classrooms and curricula our students engage in are inclusive, rigorous, and reflect their diverse experiences and learning needs.

In part, this Division supports student learning by providing teachers and staff with the professional learning and mentorship they deserve from Induction through retirement. Additionally, our office develops the plans and reports that help fund the overarching programs supporting student learning. Extensive time and resources are allocated for the selection of thoughtful instructional materials, as well as the intensive academic supports students need in addition to their time in the classroom.

Finally, the District is profoundly committed to addressing students’ mental health needs. Programs include training on suicide prevention, crisis intervention, campus wellness centers, community resources, and mental health referrals.

In the Chaffey District, educating students means addressing all the social emotional and academic learning needs of students – we know that when all of these needs are met, only then can students fully pursue their post-secondary dreams.


Jessica Kachaenchai, Ed.D
Assistant Superintendent
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (909) 988-8511 Ext 2700
Follow on Twitter: @CJUHSDInstr

Michelle Digon
Administrative Assistant
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (909) 988-8511 Ext 2701




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