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Andrew Hiben, Director

Andrew Hiben

Welcome! This office oversees the professional development opportunities for the teachers in our District. Our responsibilities include coordinating and facilitating trainings in the areas of instruction and technology. We coordinate the selection and application of instructional materials, and we further support teachers in the trainings necessary to successfully implement these materials. We look to provide the latest research and technology to teachers as they prepare their students to graduate college and career-ready. To this end, we have seven instructional coaches who help foster learning — through one-on-one, teacher-led and driven, and large group collaborations, we hope to provide the most relevant, timely  and innovative professional development possible.

This year we will continue to support teachers as they implement the California State Standards in English and Mathematics and the Smarter Balanced Assessments as they pertain to our California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. We are also at the forefront  in preparing our science teachers for the application of the Next Generation Science Standards, as they develop instructional practices and curriculum designed to support students in their understanding of these new standards. Beyond these initiatives, we hope to provide all of our teachers with the support they need to continue to be as  effective and successful as they have always been here in the Chaffey District.  

In order to improve instruction and improve achievement, we believe that teachers are our most powerful tool. And this office’s existence is  predicated upon supporting our teachers in doing the incredible work they do.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions you have regarding the State Standards and assessments, instruction, professional development or our curriculum materials.

Andrew Hiben
Director of Instruction
Phone: 909-988-8511, ext. 2790
Email: [email protected]

Isabel Abell
Phone: 909-988-8511, ext. 2791
Email: [email protected]

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