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Personnel Services Department

Margo Quintanilla, Director


The Personnel Department serves over 2,000 contract and about 1,700 non-contract employees and volunteers. We provide assistance in the process of recruitment, pre-employment assessments, selection, retention, classification, training, compensation, substitute staffing, performance evaluation, credentialing, employee orientations, and employee contract implementation.  We strive to recognize necessary changes that will enhance an environment of respect and equal opportunity as well as promote personal and professional growth in order to effectively complement our District’s goals and objectives.

Margo Quintanilla
Phone: (909) 988-8511 Ext 2662
Email: [email protected]

Melissa Sclafani
Phone: (909) 988-8511 Ext 2663
Email: [email protected]

Personnel Staff

Lorena Fernandez Rivera
Personnel Assistant
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2668
Email: [email protected]
Ana Lucero
Personnel Technician - Credentials Desk
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2666
Email: [email protected]
Realani Gallardo
Personnel Assistant
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2672
Email: [email protected]
Lorrina Cammarano
Personnel Technician - Substitutes Desk
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2664
Email: [email protected]
Kristine Munoz
Personnel Assistant
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2674
Email: [email protected]
Marci Harris
Personnel Technician - Hourly Desk
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2669
Email: [email protected]
Gloria Trevino
Personnel Technician - Classified Desk
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2667
Email: [email protected]
Christine Magnolia
Personnel Technician - Position Control Desk
Phone: 909-988-8511 Ext 2659
Email: [email protected]